Balmy weather, miles of coastline, and more theme parks than you’d ever have enough time to visit. No wonder Florida was 2019’s most popular vacation destination for American travelers.

But what if you could enjoy these attractions all year round? If you’ve considered moving to the Sunshine State, you’re not alone. With so many great reasons to move to Florida, everyone from millennials carving out their first career to retirees in search of a laidback way of life is waking up to the benefits of living in Florida.

If a recent vacation to the Sunshine State has got you wondering, ‘should I move to Florida?’ keep reading to learn why the answer is a resounding, ‘yes!’

1. Amazing Year-Round Weather

One of the main benefits of living in Florida has to be the weather. After all, it’s not called ‘The Sunshine State’ for nothing!

As the name suggests, Florida boasts a whopping 250 sunny days each year. And, since most of Florida enjoys a tropical or subtropical climate, it’s often warm and humid, even in winter. You can expect a year-round average temperature of 72 degrees in Southern Florida and 67 degrees in Northern Florida.

Although Florida does experience a rainy season from May to October, rainfall tends to come in short, sharp bursts that pass quickly. The rain also helps Florida’s lush greenery and bright blooms thrive, filling some of the prettiest parts of Florida to live with color and vibrancy.

2. Incredible Beaches

Florida has more than its fair share of beaches with 1,350 miles of coastline along both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. These beaches are also some of the best in the country, having received many top awards from various review sites and travel magazines. Think soft, white sand and cool turquoise waters with plenty of space to relax or have fun, depending on your preference.

If you’re wondering where to move in Florida for the best beach access, the truth is, you’ll be spoiled for choice wherever you choose to live. Some of the top-rated beaches include the Sanibel Island Beaches off the Gulf Coast, Pensacola Beach and Destin Beach in the Panhandle area, and the Amelia Island Beaches on the Atlantic Coast.

3. Endless Outdoor Activities

With no end of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, Florida allows you to ramp up the adrenaline with high-octane activities or take it slow as you soak up the scenery. From kayaking to golf, music concerts to a trip through the unique Everglades National Park, Florida is the place for you to set the pace.

Whatever your particular outdoor passion, Cape Coral is one of the best cities in Florida to live thanks to the way it caters to all tastes. Not only is it home to some amazing beaches, events, water parks, and nature preserves, but Cape Coral is also a paradise for freshwater fishing enthusiasts.

4. Range of Amusement Parks

Of course, there’s one outdoor activity that Florida is very well-known for all over the world – amusement parks!

Although it began with Disneyland, Florida is now home to every kind of entertainment experience and theme park imaginable. What’s more, eight of the top 20 amusement parks in the country are right here as well as three of the top water parks in the whole world!

Some of the highlights include The Kennedy Space Center, Adventure Island, Universal Studios, Legoland, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Aquatica. For kids of all ages, one of the benefits of living in Florida has to be living that much closer to all these incredible amusement parks. Although, as a bonus, many of these parks offer discounts for Florida residents too!

5. Strong Economy & Career Prospects

For young professionals asking, ‘should I move to Florida?’, the common belief that Florida is nothing more than a retirement haven and family-friendly vacation spot might have you thinking that there wouldn’t be many job opportunities for you. The truth is, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Thanks to its top industries of tourism, international trade, life sciences, and aerospace, Florida’s economy is very healthy. So much so, in fact, that Florida would be the 17th largest economy in the world if it were a nation rather than a state. If you’re looking to live and work in the sun, you’ll have your pick of career opportunities in these sectors and more, with the kind of economic stability driving employment and business that most states can only dream of.

6. No State Income Tax

Another of the many benefits of living in Florida is not having to pay state income tax. Instead of taking a percentage of your salary, Florida charges the millions of tourists that flock to the Sunshine State a 7 percent sales tax and a 5 percent tourist tax. And, since this law in the Florida constitution, it won’t change anytime soon.

7. Good Value Real Estate

You’d think with all the amazing attractions Florida has to offer that it would be expensive to set up home here. Luckily for you, that’s not the case at all.

Florida real estate trends show a buoyant market that is encouraging new housing developments to spring up everywhere. But, while the market is increasing at a steady rate, buying real estate in Florida offers much better value for money than California and many northern states.

Of course, one of the best options is to buy land and build on your lot. Florida has a lot of spare land left for home construction, ensuring that your dream of owning a spacious property is well within your reach.

Compelling Reasons to Move to Florida

As these reasons to move to Florida show, there’s no need to wait until your next vacation to enjoy all that the Sunshine State has to offer.

Instead, you can make your dream a reality and carve out your own slice of paradise using our available floor plans to guide your dream home design.

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