Have you decided to take the plunge and commission your own custom home? It’s one of the most exciting projects you could ever embark on – to design and create a home exactly to your specifications.

To make this happen though, you need a custom home builder who has the expertise to take your dream and make it a reality. What qualities and skills should you look for to find the right custom home builder?

Let’s journey together through exactly how to choose a custom home builder in Florida.

Don’t Rush the Choice

Now you’ve decided to go for a custom home build, it’s easy to rush the process. It’s true that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish. But this process is going to take around 6 – 18 months in total.

You want to be sure that you choose the right custom home builder because they’re going to be part of your life for a considerable time! The better the relationship you have with the builder, the more smoothly the process will go.

Take your time to make a choice that you feel comfortable with. As well as considering the other factors we’ll examine, make sure that you feel comfortable with the company. Make sure that you choose reputable custom home builders that you can really trust.

Look for Experience

Choosing a custom home builder is a big decision. Their home builder experience is an important factor to consider. Looking at their past work will give you confidence in a few ways.

You’ll see that they can complete a custom home contract from start to finish. If they have completed homes but can’t show you them, what does that tell you? It may tell you that they did not have a good relationship with the customer by the end of the project.

Reputable custom home builders have a portfolio of completed projects for you to review. They will have homes of satisfied customers that you can tour.

Prepare for Home Tours

You can prepare for these home tours in two ways.

First of all, look at the standard of the finish. Is the home already showing signs of aging, or does it appear well built? You could ask a friend with construction experience to accompany you to offer their opinion.

Next, prepare a few questions to ask the homeowner. You could ask:

  • What was your experience of working with this custom home builder?
  • How likely are you to recommend this company to friends and family?
  • Would you buy another house from this builder?

If any of the responses are negative, dig a little deeper. It’s important that you come away feeling satisfied that this is a custom home builder you’d be happy to work with.

Can They Make Your Dream a Reality?

You need to have confidence in your Florida home builder. Confidence that they call pull off the kind of house you want.

Looking through their portfolio will give you a good idea of the kind of houses they can produce. Is there something in there that is similar to what you are looking for?

Have an open and honest conversation with the custom home builder right at the outset about your vision for the house. Some builders may let you know that it is out of their comfort zone. It’s much better to be open then, rather than compromising on key design elements later.

Examine the Contract

Of course, every custom home contract will vary in detail. But you can ask the Florida home builder you are interviewing to provide you with a copy of their standard contract.

It’s important to understand the fee structure the builder uses. Is it a fixed-price contract? Is it a cost-plus contract?

Now’s the time to do your homework about which type of contract works for you. Don’t agree to any contract that you are not happy with. Openly discuss your expectations with the contractor.

Subcontractors and Vendors

Consider the subcontractors that the custom home builder will use. The quality and timeliness of their work will have a big impact on the end result!

Do they always work with the same team? Do they use different ones for each job? You may feel happier knowing that there is a tried and tested team coming to work on your home.

Also, consider the vendors that the custom home builder will use. You may have very specific ideas and requirements about the fixtures and fittings you want in your home.

Does the custom home contract allow you to specify what you want? This includes choices of flooring material, wall paint finish and color. Everything down to bathroom faucets and shower fittings.

These details really matter. They can lead to disputes later. Before you sign the contract, make sure that you are clear on what it says about these points.

Warranties and Insurances

Now we come to the slightly tedious but very important subject of covering our financial bases.

It’s vital that your custom home builder is well insured. Talk to them about the insurances they carry and make sure that you are satisfied that it is enough before proceeding.

Also, as with any new product, your custom home build should come with a warranty. A structural warranty of at least ten years will give you peace of mind that as the home settles, you are covered. Additionally, check that you can transfer the warranty if you choose to sell.

Choose the Right Florida Custom Home Builder For You!

A custom home builder should be someone who fills you with confidence. Their experience and passion for building quality homes their clients love should shine through. When you find a Florida home builder that ticks all these boxes, you’re well on your way to the home of your dreams.

Thankfully, you don’t have to look any further. At Coral Isle Builders, we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations. All our homes come with a huge range of choices to reflect your personal style.

We can’t wait for you to contact us to discuss how we can bring your dreams to life.