The best thing about Florida is that it attracts thousands of people to its beautiful sceneries. It’s been reported that more than 500,000 people moved to the state in the past year. Newcomers are drawn to the diverse population, no state tax income, and delicious cuisines in the Sunshine State.

Starting another life in a new place may come with mixed feelings. For many, relocating to a new place can be a difficult decision if it’s the first time. If you know how to plan a move to Florida, your stay in the Sunshine State will be worthwhile.

It’s quite tricky to time a move to a place like Florida. You have to think about the relationships, jobs, or educational opportunities you pursued in your previous city. If you fail to plan the move, you risk missing out on opportunities like jobs and education.

You have to prepare for the few surprises of moving to a new location. Here are seven moving tips that’ll make your transition in Florida more enjoyable and smoother:

Understand the Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Every city or town in Florida has various pros and cons, no matter where you want to live. Figure out how these factors can affect your stay in the Sunshine State.

The common perks of living in Florida include no state income tax, and the housing costs are lower. You also get to enjoy warm all-year-round weather, outdoor entertainment, and world-class beaches. As a resident, you’ll receive special discounts on renowned local attractions.

On the downside, the Sunshine State lacks valleys and mountains. It is also prone to high humidity, heat, hurricanes, and bugs. You’ll also pay high insurance premiums.

Learn About Florida’s Top Cities and Attractions

The Sunshine State boasts dozens of livable metropolitans and cities that you should consider. They all lie near the beach and have access to the state’s infrastructure.

Pensacola would be a great place to live if you are looking for a small town with a military-friendly community. You may check out Jacksonville if you’d like to live in a heavily populated, bustling, and culturally diverse city. Tallahassee would be ideal for those looking for a college-town feel with nightlife activities.

Narrow down the things you’d like to do in the state. For instance, you may visit the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station or spend time at the park. Enjoying fresh seafood at the local eateries may also be a fun thing to do.

Create a Home Inventory

Your home inventory will help you identify possessions you’ll carry to Florida. Only pack items that you use in your daily life to reduce the moving costs.

You should label the boxes to reflect the rooms they will go to in your new house. Labels like “Dispose of,” “Donate,” “Sell,” and “Keep” should help you stay organized.

Sell stuff that you don’t need when moving to Florida to make the luggage less bulky. You can sell these items through online marketplaces to find buyers quickly. You can also run a yard sale to offer your neighbors or friends discounted prices on the items.

Think About Your Moving Options

Figure out the items you’re comfortable carrying by yourself and those that would need professional movers. Once you separate these items, reach out to multiple moving companies.

Your friends and family can give you references for movers, or you can search online for the same. Either way, only consider experienced and certified movers. You should also discuss your moving needs and gather quotes from them.

Decide on which mover to hire and set a date for the move. Professional movers will help you pack, handle, load, and unload your precious items. They will allow you to personalize every part of the move.

Review Your Housing Options

Decide whether you’ll rent or buy a house during your stay in Florida. You should also determine if the move will be temporary or permanent before hunting for a home. Don’t forget to choose the housing design that suits your tastes.

Housing markets in the Sunshine State fluctuate depending on the number of people moving in and out of a particular area. Wait until there’s low traffic in the market to avoid overpaying for a home. You may also work with an agent to find the best deals.

If you choose to buy a house, be ready to maintain it to increase its resale value. You should also know all your rights as a Florida tenant if you decide to rent.

Explore Employment Opportunities in the Sunshine state.

Look at the job market in Florida when planning a move to secure suitable employment. Ensure that you can tolerate the terms and conditions of the job to avoid choosing an undesirable one.

Popular industries in the Sunshine State include tourism, sales and marketing, and health sciences. Others include international trade, aerospace, and aviation.

Include your current state address on the resume while applying for the new job. You should also plan for travel costs to meet prospective employers in person.

Plan to Deal with the Weather and Hurricanes in Florida

Prepare to cope with the intense sun in your first months living in the Sunshine State. Always wear sunscreen when stepping outside to avoid sunburns. Put on breathable clothes that cover your skin and a large brim hat if your skin can’t tolerate extreme sun.

Your home must have a functioning air conditioner and an extra unit on standby to cope with the hot weather. You should also budget for AC repairs.

Check whether your desired destination lies in hurricane-prone areas. You should also have a hurricane kit, storm shutters, and home insurance to cope with the hurricane effects.

Now You Know How to Plan a Move to Florida

From its warm climate to no state income tax to natural sceneries, Florida has a lot to offer. Knowing how to plan a move in Florida is important if you want to relocate to the state. The moving tips discussed above will help you enjoy all the great things the Sunshine State has to offer.

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