Garages are so useful that most homes in America have one. In the United States, studies have found that about 63% of all occupied housing units have a garage or at least a carport.

The fact that so many homes come with a garage is a testament to how much value garages provide. So does that mean that a three-car garage will provide even more value?

Three-car garages provide a lot of benefits, but you have to weigh those against the cost of building them. So is it worth it?

Read on to learn all about the advantages that come with getting a three-car garage!

A Large Garage Can Be Worth It for a Large Family

One of the most obvious times to buy a three-car garage is when you have three cars. This is especially likely to happen with larger families.

Even if you do not currently have children who drive now, you might want to think ahead. If you expect your kids to start driving as they get older, you might want to prepare for that with an extra-large garage.

These days, it is more and more common for friends and acquaintances to live together in a shared house. This is another kind of large family situation that can make it a good idea to build a three-car garage.

It is also getting more and more common for people to rent out their homes. They might rent out just a room or so with Airbnb, or they might rent out their whole home for either part of the year or all of the year.

Whatever the case, this can be another great reason to have extra space in your garage.

Some People Use a Three-Car Garage for Storage

When people first start using their attached garage, they often take satisfaction in how much space they have to store things. However, as the years go by, their garage feels like it gets smaller and smaller.

This is the natural result of using your garage to store so many things. It is precisely because garages are so useful for this purpose that people tend to use them more and more over the years until they no longer seem very roomy at all.

In a situation like this, why deal with a cluttered garage? You can simply get a three-car garage instead to get more than enough extra space.

This is another benefit that sometimes requires people to look into the future. People may feel like their garage is roomy when they first move in, but if you have moved into multiple places before, you know how fleeting that feeling of extra space can be.

You don’t want to let that temporary feeling of roominess keep you from preparing for the inevitable future where you are wishing for more storage space.

Use Your Garage for a Workspace

Some people get hung up on the word garage. Because it is a garage, they tend to think that the proper thing to do with it is put the cars in it.

However, at the end of the day, a garage is simply another room in your house.

That is what makes an extra-large garage a great choice for a workspace for so many people. Sometimes, people have hobbies that can get a little messy. That is the perfect time to have a controlled environment like a garage built by quality experts that does not have to be kept immaculately clean like the rest of the home.

Extra Garage Space Often Comes With Extra Driveway Space

A garage with three drivers will generally come with an extra-large driveway, too. Although this is not the primary benefit of a three-car garage, it is worth keeping in mind. An extra-large driveway can be a great place for kids to ride bicycles or for people to play basketball.

This can be especially beneficial at certain times of the year. When people want to spend time outside, it is ideal if they have more than enough space for all of their activities.

A Three-Car Garage Can Improve the Value of Your Home

A three-car garage can be an investment in your financial future as well. After all the use you get out of your three-car garage, you can get one last benefit out of it when you sell your home for a higher dollar amount if you ever decide to move.

A certain segment of the house-buying population places a premium on three-car garages. Not everybody has a large family with multiple driving kids, but for those who do, a three-car garage can be worth paying a significant amount more for.

On top of that, a three-car garage is sometimes a good way to stand out in a positive way in the neighborhood. In other cases, a three-car garage might actually be necessary to properly blend in with the neighborhood.

Understand the Value of a Three-Car Garage

We hope learning about the value of a three-car garage has been helpful for you. Many people consider getting a three-car garage but hesitate because they do not appreciate all of the benefits that it can provide. Understanding a little bit more about the advantages that come along with a three-car garage can help you decide if it is the right choice for your situation.

To learn more about what a three-car garage might be able to do for you or to speak with experts in garage construction, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!