If you’re in the process of building or buying a new home in sunny Cape Coral, Florida, you probably have a wish list of features you’d love to see included. When making this major investment, it’s essential to consider the must-have amenities that best suit your needs and lifestyle. As a top area home builder, we consistently see demand spike for open layouts, smart home upgrades, and durable building materials made for the Florida climate.

Open Floor Plans

Gone are the days of closed-off rooms and narrow hallways. Modern homes emphasize free-flowing common areas where the kitchen seamlessly blends into the dining and living spaces. Open floor plans make entertaining easier, allow parents to supervise kids no matter what room they play in, and create an airy, relaxed vibe through the main areas. Home buyers increasingly view open layouts as non-negotiable. Other perks include better natural lighting and flexibility to rearrange space.

Smart Home Technology

With smart home tech taking over, new builds can have built-in features like wifi-enabled thermostats, lights, locks and appliances controlled through voice assistants, smartphones and tablets. Whether you travel frequently or simply value convenience, smart homes provide peak accessibility. Beyond security and temperature adjustments, trending options include intercoms, leak sensors to prevent water damage and integrated audio visual environments. Builders Offer an array of cutting-edge smart home packages to customize convenience.

Hurricane-Impact Windows and Doors

In a tropical climate like Florida’s, hurricane-resistant elements offer necessary protection against high winds, driving rain and flying debris. Impact windows made of laminated or tempered glass prevent costly damage while lowering insurance rates. Modern building codes require upgraded structural features with reinforced framing, shatter-resistant coverings and quick-release flood barriers on doors. By proactively implementing these durable updates during construction, homeowners safeguard investments through increased security during extreme weather events.

The team at Coral Isle Builders specializes in incorporating high-demand amenities like these into stunning new custom homes and communities. Contact us today to start planning your ideal dwelling!