The real estate market in Florida has blown up in recent years, it’s become an even better place to build a new home. Designing and building a new home is an exciting adventure. It’s fun to imagine all of the possibilities and all the memories you’re going to make in this new space.

As you’re making decisions about your new home, you want to find the best of both the functional world and the style world. This will give you a home you’ll love for decades to come and feel right at home in.

Adding some current home design trends is a great way to make your new home feel modern and exciting. But you don’t want all your choices to go out of style quickly. These eight home trends will give you the fresh look while being timeless at the same time!

1. Modern Black Accents

Many homeowners haven’t figured out how impactful just a little bit of black can be in a room. There’s something grounding about a little bit of the color that makes the room feel complete. And it doesn’t have to be a huge accent of black if that’s too much for your style and design choices.

While you’re building, think about adding some black accents to the hardware or other finishes you choose. A black faucet can make a bathroom feel completely different than a polished nickel option. Test it out and see where you can fit black into your home.

2. More Wood Finishes

For a while, custom homes and popular design trends didn’t include a lot of wood finishes. It was more common to see cabinets and furniture painted a solid color than left natural. Things are shifting back the other way and wood is being seen more often.

This is especially true with kitchen cabinets where the added warmth from the wood finish makes a great contrast with the stone of countertops and backslashes. Just be sure to choose a stain color that is natural and neutral enough to mix with other elements throughout the room.

3. Unique Patterns

One of the newest trends in home design is bringing patterns to unexpected places throughout the design. The patterns don’t have to be loud either, a subtle choice can make just as big of an impact when done correctly.

Think about how you can lay your tile or flooring to create its own pattern, like laying hardwoods in herringbone for example.

A lot of these choices can take your selections and elevate them to an even more unique place. Even the most basic choices can feel like one-of-a-kind additions to your home with this trick.

4. Including Natural Elements

It’s always been a good idea to bring a little bit of nature to every space in your home. But being a plant caretaker has never been more popular or trending.

There’s nothing that can replace adding something living to your rooms. It instantly brings more light and coziness to every space. Not to mention all of the benefits you’ll experience just by having more plants around. They can be great accents that go with every design style.

5. Special Architectural Touches

A challenge to home building is making your home stand out while following the plans and staying within budget. This is why adding little architectural elements have become so popular in custom homes. These don’t have to be major structural changes and can still give a home that boosts character and charm.

Even changing some doorways or entrances to arches instead of a square can have a big impact. Or adding a built-in wall of bookshelves in the office helps the room feel more intentional than just a blank slate.

All of those subtle details and touches can completely upgrade a home to feel more customized and unique to the family living there.

6. Pops of Color

Color is one of the best ways to express your style and personality. We see it all the time in the clothes people choose to wear or the accessories they add to their outfit. The same can be true for your home as well.

Consider adding more color to your home design, especially in unexpected places. This can make your home feel lived-in and more authentic to your family.

7. Outdoor Living Spaces

Most families can always benefit from having another space in their home to hang out together. But adding square footage during the home build can be impossible.

That’s why outdoor living spaces have become so popular in the last few years. Look for floor plans that will allow you to have enough space for a larger patio, outdoor kitchen, permanent fire pit, or even a play set for the kids. Whatever will work best for your family is worth putting the effort into creating.

8. Introducing Smart Technology

These days no home is complete without a little bit of smart technology installed inside. Custom homes are made to feel like they were specifically designed and built to meet a family’s needs, adding technology only increases those feelings. Smart technology makes your home work for you and adds a whole new level of convenience.

Things like programmable lights, integrated sound systems, and security tools make all the difference in your ability to feel comfortable in your home. There’s a whole range of options available that you can choose from for a unique experience!

Top Southwest Florida Home Design Trends

Finding just the right home design trends to add to your home can feel like an overwhelming task. You want everything to be unique and exciting but also make sure everything flows together at the same time.

This is where working with the right builders will make all the difference. Finding a team of professional builders who will help you through every step and give you advice as you make decisions is invaluable. They can make sure your vision truly comes to life and that you love the home build.

If you’re interested in learning more about home building in Southwest Florida, contact us today!