The absolute best thing about a home that you custom build is that it’s exactly what you want and where you want it.

Location, location, location, they say. If you’re looking to build in the Cape Coral, FL area, we are the builders for you. And we have some great ideas on things you could add to make your forever home iconic.

Let’s dive right in.

Home Office

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the importance of a good home office. Gone are the days when someone wants a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom. This is your custom build home! 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a home office. Don’t sacrifice any living space for work!

Get really unique and add some character with built-in bookcases and a rolling ladder to reach the top!

Drawers Instead of Cabinets

Hear us out – instead of lower kitchen cabinets, go with large drawers! How much easier would this be?

Having all of your Tupperware neatly arranged in a drawer rather than having to knock half of it over to get the one top you’re looking for. And make your pots and pans easier to access, and utilize more space in your kitchen.

Walk-In Pantry

Some people might see walk-in pantries as a trend, but in our opinion, they’re never going out of style. Thinking about storing canned goods in a kitchen cupboard makes us unusually triggered.

Joking, but in all seriousness – a walk-in pantry will change your life. Or maybe just your kitchen.

Hidden Room

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know that TikTok has become huge. One trend on there is showing people the coolest parts of their homes. Now we know that more houses have hidden rooms than we thought!

You never know what might be hiding behind a bookcase, and we think everyone needs this feature!

Big Windows

Natural light offers so many benefits and the unique homes with huge windows are always our favorites. Improve your mood and brighten your home with the sunlight that big windows can offer!

Wine Storage

As you get older, you understand the importance of good wine, and you no longer want to leave your house to overpay for a glass of it.

Include a wine storage room complete with a built-in wine fridge! Find a barrel table and chair set for the center of the room and have your own wine retreat without having to change out of your slippers!

USB outlets

Besides charging your phone, more and more gadgets are beginning to come with a cord that plugs into a USB charger. Eliminate all those small bricks and power adapters and install USB outlets!

Besides keeping up with technology trends, it will be extremely convenient!

Solar Panels

Go eco-friendly and put solar panels on your roof! The benefits of solar panels on the environment, as well as your electricity bill are extensive! A little more cost upfront for a lifetime of savings!

Play Room

If you already have children, you know that having a specific room for your kids to play in and store their toys is non-negotiable. And if you don’t have kids, but plan to, take our word for it.

Unless you want to step on legos and maneuver around random toys, add a playroom to your floor plan. Consider it a den until you have kids. And once your children are older, it can turn into a sleepover area for all the grandkids.

Extra Long Island

Big dining room tables are nice and all, but we are here for the extra-long kitchen islands. Besides having an awesome open-concept plan, a kitchen island that could seat 8 people and still have room is the dream.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, where everyone gathers at social events. With an extra-long island, you don’t have to worry about people standing around because now there is enough seating and space for everyone.

Pet Bathtub

Washing your dog is a project. Between clearing everything out of the tub, getting a bucket, shampoo, and then cleaning the entire bathroom after, it’s not something you look forward to.

Consider adding a separate bathing area for your four-legged family members! A tub just for them that is ideal for dog washing, everything within arms reaches, and you don’t have to worry about deep-cleaning the tub for the next two-legged family member!

Smart Home

Amp up your home with all the smart home amenities. Control your lights, heat, appliances, security—all with your fingertips. Or even better – your voice!

I’m not sure what smart gadget they’re going to come out with next, but I hope it’s something that puts away my laundry for me.

Guest Suite

Having a guest room is a nice feature, but having a guest suite where your friends and family feel comfortable is even better. A bedroom big enough to have a nice seating area with a TV and their own full bathroom.

No matter if they’re planning on staying for a weekend or a few weeks, they won’t feel like they’re invading your space and they will have privacy if they need it.

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