The time has come: you’re ready to move out of your current home. But where are you going to live next?

Maybe you’ve toured a few homes, but nothing feels right. Or maybe you found the perfect home but in the wrong location.

What if you could have the perfect home in the perfect location. It’s possible with a custom-built home.

Over 19% of homeowners in the US have custom-built homes. Could you soon be one of them?

There are so many reasons why you should consider a custom build home. Keep reading to fall in love with the idea of building a custom home for your next move.


One of the best parts about building a custom home is that you can choose the exact location of your new house. You have many options when it comes to purchasing a lot for your home: you can purchase a lot that’s a part of a neighborhood or community, or you can be out in the boondocks.

More so, when building on a lot of your choosing, you can choose precisely where you want your home on your property. You can plan where you want your garage and any other features (a pool, anyone?).

You can prioritize having a big backyard, or maybe you want a long driveway so your house isn’t directly in front of the main road. It’s all up to you.

Everything is Brand New

This reason for a custom home is a bit obvious, but when you build a custom home, you are the first people to live in it. Everything is brand new. You know the history of all the appliances and you know the foundation of your house.

Knowing the brief history of your house sets you up for no surprises down the road. In other words, it sets you up for fewer unexpected expenses that usually come up from pre-built or previously lived-in homes.

Control Over Your Budget

When you build your home from the bottom-up, you decide exactly where you want to put your money. If you are a home baker and want to splurge on a stunning kitchen and save on less expensive flooring, you can budget for that.

With your building consultant, you can sit down and see the math for yourself. Throughout the process, you’ll be completely informed of how much every element costs.

A house is a big investment. You should decide where your money goes, not some random builder.

Pick Out The Exact Floor Plan You Want

We’ve all been there when touring pre-built homes; everything is perfect but you just wish the kitchen wasn’t SO open concept, or that the bathroom on the main floor was closer to the guest room. Maybe you loved the master bedroom, but wish the living space was a bit more open.

When you build a custom, unique home, you are in control of the floor plan.

At Coral Isle Builders, we have plenty of pre-existing floor plans to choose from. We have plans that suit all budgets, bedroom quantities, and personal tastes.


Like you can pick out your location and floor plan, you also call the shots when it comes to appliances. This includes your dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, and anything else you want in your home.

Picking out and budgeting for your dream appliances now will save you down the road. Additionally, you can make an effort to choose energy-efficient appliances all-around your home.

Energy Efficient

While picking out appliances, pay attention to energy efficiency ratings. While some energy-efficient appliances might cost more upfront, they will save you money on your future energy bills.

Energy-efficient appliances will typically be labeled with some sort of energy efficiency rating, such as the Energy Star.  This label certifies that the appliance or product has proved to be a top energy-saving choice. Aside from appliances, you can find Energy Star-approved light bulbs and electronics.

Not only is energy efficiency good for your wallet, but it’s better for the planet.

Custom Finishes

You can play out your HGTV fantasies when you get to finally pick out the finishes for your custom build home. Finishes include flooring, paint color, crown molding, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and more. This is truly what makes your home unique to you and your family.

At first, picking out your custom finishes for your home might feel overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from. It might be helpful to develop a Pinterest board or photo album for housing interiors that you want in your future home.

Communication Through The Whole Process

Building a home from the ground up takes time and patience. This is why it’s important to choose the right team of builders and contractors.

With the right group, like Coral Isle Builders, you’ll be in the know throughout the whole process. If anything comes up during building, you’ll know so there are no surprises on your end.

And as mentioned earlier, building a home takes time. You are going to want to choose a team you will want to work with over the course of multiple months.

Invest in Your Custom Build Home

A lot of planning is needed when building a custom home. When designing your custom build home, you’re designing a house you see yourself living in for years to come.

All this work and preparation is worth it when you finally get to live in your dream home. Set yourself up for success by choosing the right builders for the job.

Want to get started on your custom home? Contact our team at Coral Isle builders.